Domestic high-end stamping equipment has successively won orders from Ford in the United States

On June 17th, Ji'nan Electric Power Meter learned from Ji'nan Er Machine Tool Group that Ji'nan Er Machine Tool has recently received a large high-speed stamping line order from Ford Motor's Wude Heiwen factory in the United States. This is the 9th large-scale stamping line supplied by Jinan Second Machine Tool to Ford in the United States, marking another "victory" for the "Made in China" large-scale stamping equipment with fully independent intellectual property rights and world-class advanced level in the international high-end market.
It is reported that Jinan Second Machine Tool provides a 7100 ton large-scale stamping line for Ford Wude Heiwen Factory, which represents the world's earliest large-scale high-speed and intelligent stamping production line with water inflow standards. Previously, Jinan Second Machine Tool provided Ford with 8 stamping lines, all of which were newly built or renovated workshops, while the 9th stamping line will be installed in Ford's factory in the 1960s. Due to the limitations of the old factory premises and some new technical requirements, the stamping equipment needs to be redesigned.
Jinan Second Machine Tool has demonstrated its accumulated technical advantages over the years and has come up with multiple sets of customized solutions in a short period of time, meeting the urgent need for Ford Motor to modernize its equipment in its old factory building.
As a state-owned enterprise with a history of 76 years, Jinan Second Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has relied on independent innovation in recent years to actively build peripheral competitiveness and compete with top tier competitors such as Germany and Japan. Its CNC stamping production line, heavy-duty multi-station mechanical press, and other high-tech products have been exported to markets such as the United States, Brazil, Thailand, and Indochina. At present, Jinan Second Machine Tool has entered the ranks of the world's three major stamping manufacturers, shaping a new abstraction of China's machine tool industry's "high-end manufacturing".

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