Automatic stamping line transformation achieved by stamping manipulator

Industrial production methods will inevitably undergo changes in mechanization, automation, intelligence, and informatization, and industrial finished products will also go through a development stage of quantity, quality, flexibility, and low cost. Currently, the stamping, machine tool, and mold manufacturing industries generally require technology and equipment upgrades and transformations to enhance competitiveness and improve economic benefits. Therefore, there is a great potential for the development of China's robotic arm industry.
Stamping manipulator is an automatic machine that simulates human hand operation. It can repeatedly grab and move product objects or operate tools according to the program to complete certain specific processes. The application of robotic arms can replace manual labor in monotonous, repetitive or heavy physical labor, achieving mechanization and automation of production. In an environment where labor costs continue to rise, robotic arms are chosen to achieve production line automation, perfectly replacing manual labor.
The multi-station automated stamping line is an efficient and advanced stamping equipment. Blanking, punching, grooving, drawing, forming, and many other stamping processes can be completed on a single press, which can replace the production line composed of multiple presses. It improves production efficiency, stabilizes the quality of stamping parts, saves floor space, and reduces production costs. It is the preferred equipment for the production of small and medium-sized stamping parts in the automotive industry.
Shenzhen Chuangying Times Technology is a pioneer in the domestic stamping manipulator manufacturing industry. It has a large number of appearance design patents, utility model patents, invention patents, etc., a total of more than 100 national patents, which are increasing year by year. The main products are multi axis stamping robots, welding robots, handling robots, etc. Widely used in fields such as hardware processing, automotive parts, hydraulic stretching, lighting accessories, CNC loading and unloading in workshops, frame welding, etc., we have close cooperation with multiple Fortune Global 500 enterprises, with hundreds of customers distributed in more than 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country. The annual output value of the enterprise exceeds 100 million yuan and has doubled year after year.
Stamping robots not only improve the quality and output of products, but also have great significance in ensuring personal safety, improving the labor environment, reducing labor intensity, increasing labor productivity, saving raw material consumption, and reducing production costs. Like computer and network technologies, the widespread application of punching machine manipulators is increasingly changing human production and lifestyle.
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