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Since the day I walked into Sera's class three years ago I have never stopped dancing. I had no dance experience or background at all, just music in my soul. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If you are at all ready to try something new - exercise, artistry, community - please join Sera and all of us; Bold bellydance will change your life. -Rahkel


 Thank you for creating a safe and nurturing environment where one can cultivate this beautiful dance. I have only taken four classes, and am already struck by how supportive and talented the teachers and my fellow students have been.  Your studio is truly unique in this regard. -Emma Lynn Worth


Dancing at Solstice has helped me to find confidence and poise that I always hoped to have.  As a performer, I have become more athletic, fluid, and balanced.  As a woman, I have reclaimed fierceness and sensuality.  Because of my experience dancing with Sera Solstice and the community that she has created, I know that I will dance for the rest of my life and LOVE every minute of it. -Kai Altair


Taking bellydance classes at Solstice Studio is one of the most exciting hours in my week.  As I learn to isolate parts of my body and execute new movement patterns, there is a sense of surprise and delight to watch real progression happen.  There is a strength and fierceness and beauty that is beginning to pervade my movements even outside of class, which is exciting because the style of east coast tribal is perfectly in line with my aesthetics -- raw, fierce, and yet full of finesse. –Claire Smith


Bellydance seems to be the root of many dance styles.  So far, what I've learned at Solstice has been very helpful in learning house, hip hop, latin, and giddha dance styles.  Also, prior to taking classes at Solstice, I felt very uncomfortable executing any movements involving the hips, while now such movements do not phase me at all and are enjoyable. -Mary 


"Solstice Studio allows me the opportunity to express my individuality in an environment that doesn't judge me but supports me.  Its my favorite place to be."-Zuleika


I started dancing with Sera in February of 2007. I had been dancing at other studios for about 2 years prior to that. I had no prior dance experience. I started belly dancing because I thought it looked beautiful. Initially I came in and out of different classes with different instructors. 

It was not until I found Sera that I realized that bellydance was beautiful in more than just an aesthetic sense. I was hooked from the first class and have taken classes regularly since. Since then I have become more flexible, toned, aware of my body as well as my emotions, disciplined, aware of music and everything beautiful around me. As if that wasn’t enough, I am part of a community of beautiful, intelligent, and talented women.

With Sera’s tireless nurturing, we are all growing to become dancers in our own right. Everyone of us has a different style, smile, body and artistic intention. I spend my days in the corporate world, and I thought I would never have time to do something like this. After the past few years with Sera, it is hard for me to imagine my life without this incredible outlet. This is something every woman deserves to try. Everyone should give this gift to herself. 



I got hooked on belly dance about five years ago. Until now, you could have described me as a homeless dancer; I’d been bouncing around between studios, teachers, drop-in classes, workshops, and multi-week sessions. Loving the dance the way I do, needing to keep in shape, and work off my stress, I simply wanted to find a place where I could fit in and be accepted for just wanting to dance.

Well, I am no longer a homeless dancer. I am Sahar, a member of the Bold Belly Dance community of Solstice Studio, a place where there are women of all ages, body types, and backgrounds, who come together to dance under the visionary, creative, and loving leadership of Sera Solstice. The positive vibe, synergy, and communal feminine spirit of the studio is what one can immediately feel, especially now that we’ve got a divine new physical space.

Through Sera’s guidance, encouragement, and structured teaching style, not only have I grown as a dancer and a woman, I’ve become more open and have gained the courage to perform on stage. Free your body at Solstice Studio, and your mind will follow!

Finally, and best of all, I am having a FABULOUS time! Need I say more?!!




The first time I saw Sera perform, I was blown away by her multi-faceted genius: her obvious technical mastery, fluidity and grace, along with her creativity in fusing this ancient dance form with contemporary influences such as hip-hop and modern dance, choreographed to electronic music that incorporates tribal rhythms from many different cultures. She created something unique, mesmerizing, beautiful and inspiring. I was excited to learn that she was a teacher and immediately signed up for classes. Sera is unquestionably a great teacher with the ability to impart her skills to students, breaking down the movements in a clear way and using choreography to take us to the next level. But, as others have noted, being a Solstice student means so much more than learning techniques and routines. Under Sera's guidance and inspiration, an amazing, supportive community of women who are passionate about bellydancing has formed, and continues to grow and flourish. I feel very lucky to be a part of it. -Jennifer Ross


Sometimes I forget that I originally came to Solstice Studio just to take a dance class. East Coast Tribal, generated and nurtured by Solstice Studio, has become so much a part of my identity that “dance class” seems like too small a term to encompass its effects on my life. When I first came to the studio, I was looking for a dance class to take the place of ballet in my life. Ballet had been a hobby, not a passion, but a dance injury had brought my time as a dancer to an unexpected close. After surgery and months of physical therapy, I happened to see Sera dance one night and signed up for a class. The transformation from merely taking a dance class to being part of the East Coast Tribal community was not immediate, but the journey was as worthwhile as its destination. Watching a community of strong women support one another so wholeheartedly was a necessary preparation for becoming part of that community. East Coast Tribal is a style of dance, but it’s also a set of character traits. We are fierce in our devotion to our technique but also in our acceptance of change and fluidity in that technique. We are also unconditionally positive in our views of other dancers in order to learn to be positive in our views of ourselves. At my first performance, the dancers who most amazed me with their talent and stage presence were the same ones who complimented my beginners’ class on our dance with sincerity and grace. Since then, I have taken countless classes, been in many shows, made dear friends, joined in community potlucks, and even choreographed and performed a solo. In that time, my body has strengthened, my body image has improved, and my love of the dance and of the dancers who immerse themselves in it has increased immeasurably.



The classes with Sera became a journey for me where I discovered a lot of dimensions for self-improvement the dance and community can bring. I never learned any dance before that, and the first session was a time of dealing with my self-consciousness – how do I look? how bad am I comparing to others? my hips are not good enough, my belly is not good enough, my chest is not good enough – what am I doing here? Eventually though, the classes, and particularly the show where everyone was participating, helped me realize that our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful, every woman in her own way. If we all looked the same, it would be boring! It was amazing to see so many different girls and women participate in she show, each one being a Goddess within. At the same time, that experience helped me to see that we are all connected in our feminine nature and through such connection, through this feminine energy, we can support each other and help each other grow. Nadia


I found Darshan via her technique video on the internet and signed up for class at Solstice Studios.  Darshan's class inspired me to go further into tribal from Egyptian and I was so inspired by East Coast Tribal technique that I joined Sera's class as well.  What a great studio!  It seems you can accomplish whatever you wish to in the safety of very capable and caring instructors. The classes are hard driving and challenging but teaching is done from such a positive perspective that it is truly addictive.  I will be attending as many classes as I can fit into my schedule in the coming months.  This studio takes technique very seriously, which is why the classes are so full. Christina


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