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June 9th: Solstice Performs at Spring Caravan.  Never would have guessed there were multiple large-scale events happening simultaneously in the greater NY area Bellydance Community.  Spring Caravan had full audience and, there we were!!! 20 of us danced (Lunar and Solar classes, Solstice Ensemble, and soloists: Brenna, Serena Spears, Zuleika, Elisa Stefanski, and Jessica).


May 14-19:  Solstice at Tribal Fest, California
What an awesome week of partying, hanging out with our tribe in the California hills, and throwin' down at Tribal Fest.  Our lady Ebony Qualls From DC joined up with Solstice Ensemble, as we took the stage May 18th.


check out the video:

Sera taught with her teacher, Mz Imani White at Tribal Fest, and stunned the masses, by ummm, this is not a technique workshop....scooping into depths of dance and spirituality, and finding a powerful crossroads between the 2.  Dancers went deep, dancers wept, laughed and lifted off.  We are so blessed to hold roots in Shamanic approach to dance, standing strong in our growth.  Always, the body remembers.  Thank you Mz Imani.

May 5th: Solstice opens for Beats Antique at Brooklyn Bowl


Joined by her fierceness, Ebony from DC, Solstice takes the stage in front of a supportive crowd of 700+ dedicated friends.  Thanks all who held us up in the front row...your beautiful faces are what made us shine, and huge thanks to Zoe Jakes for the honorable invitation to dance.

May 1st, 2013:  Solstice goes Nomadic, starting May 1st.  Closing our location in Midtown, and opening in various locations, starting Anahid Sofian Studios near Union Square.  We are very happy to have lift-off into this new change.  We make room now for artistic growth, and freedom..  We gathered as community and celebrated our successful 5 years in our blessed space, gave thanks for good times, and lifted from the walls, all the good energy, laughter, and joy, and wove that stuff into a visualized umbrella, which will follow us into the future.  Thanks to all who made this possible.  And thanks for bending and flexing into our new form. Change is growth.  Good-bye to our old space.

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