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Choreography and Meditation classes with Sera Solstice


Lunar:  3:15--4:25

Solar: 4:45--5:55


Description: Modeled after Solstice Studio Technique classes, but with emphasis on Choreography for performance and meditation for balance and well-being.  Lunar will focus on pops/locks/internal movements, muscular isolations, fluid undulations, and the dance of the inner-self and the introspective dream world...calling forth the softness, fragility, and depths within.  Solar will focus on expansive movements, traveling outside of the self, Tai-chi and Capoeira infused movement, including some floor-work and demanding stamina and strength, and marrying the warrior energy of doing.

Requirements:  Concurrent and consistent attendance in one Solstice Studio technique class.  BIII or above.  Sera will be tracking enrollment in this class.  The reason for this is that since we are focusing on choreography, it is necessary to have time to do drills and technique practice. Also, Sera wants to work with dancers who are committed to Solstice Studio community, East Coast Tribal styling elements, and to dancing more then once a week.


Children: Sera will have one, or both children at the studio during the class, and may need to take a break to breastfeed her baby.  If you have a problem with this, or with a 4 year-old attending the room, then this is not the class for you.  Children may be distracting to your learning, and so if this bothers you, then you need not be in this class. 

absences: It is expected that you may miss class from time to time since it is the weekend after all!  If you need to miss, then it is up to you to find a dance partner to meet up with to learn missed choreography.  You can come before or stay after either class to meet with a partner.  There is no promise of video notes.  It will naturally occur that those who are most committed to class will have the most opportunity to represent the class in performance.  Sera is most interested in working with dancers who will prioritize being present, on time, and committed.


Sera's Absence:  There will be times when Sera is on tour or needs to tend to sick children.  During Sera's absences, the class may continue to meet for rehearsals or will have a qualified substitute for the class. During open rehearsal, it will not count as a class meeting, just a free rehearsal for those who want to attend. And if there is a substitute (who would be qualified to run the choreography), then it will count as a class meeting.  The end-date of the six-week session may be questionable at times.  There may be unknown dates when Sera can not make it.  In this case the class will be notified via email (hopefully with 24 hours notice).  The class may still meet for rehearsal (but it will not count as a class-time), or have a substitute (which will count as class time).  If no substitute, then the six-week session will bump up one more week.  In short, this class pays only for the time that Sera is present, or a qualified substitute is present, and does not follow the same schedule as the studio classes. There will not be a substitute for more then 2 weeks at a time, ever.

solstice project

New to a choreography class?:  If you are joining in part-way through a session, or at the onset of a new session, the responsibility is upon you to catch up.  We will organize volunteers who want to work with others on the choreography.  There is no promise of video notes.

Meditation: The door will be closed and locked during the meditation portion of class.  If you arrive during this time, you will need to wait outside the studio until the meditation is over.  All who are present in the studio will be asked to participate in the meditation, or will need to leave during that time.  There may be guest facilitators for the meditation from time to time.

dancers 1

Performance: For performances, only those who know the choreography will perform.  Both classes expect to be working at a semi-professional level, and so it is not only necessary to know the steps of the choreography, but also the proper

technical demonstration of the choreography.

Costume: We will have a costume elements for both of these groups which could cost up to $100 depending on what you already have. 

Cost and Work/study: These classes cost the same as others: $100 for 6 weeks.  However, we will not follow the same schedule as the other classes. These classes are not open to work-study, trades, or make-ups.  However, you may be able to apply work/study or trades to other Solstice Studio classes.  Please ask us if interested. 

RELEASEfinalpicbyArthur Eisenberg

Class etiquette:  Let us choose to consciously support eachother and to refrain from comparing ourselves to others in the room.  Know that you are supported and loved as you are, and there is no need to prove yourself, and there is no need to belittle

yourself either.  Please come as you are. 

Please direct all critiques of others first to the instructor rather then directly to other dancers.  Please be open, and communicate your issues to Sera rather then letting issues build up.

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